Tuesday, June 28, 2016

#SuperMomVoxBox Review

Hey guys!
It's that time again! Influenster blessed me with a ton of awesome products from awesome brands. want to see what was a hit and what was a miss? Keep reading!

Super Mom Vox Box

What did I receive?

- Goody SlideProof Spiky Soft Touch Hair Elastics 
- Coupon for $2 off a Goody Hair Brush
- Coupon for a free Daisy Brand Squeeze Sour Cream 
- Pilot Acroball Pens, One Colors in Pink, One Regular 
- Suave Kids Purely Fun Leave-In Conditioner
- Suave Kids Purely Fun 3-N-1 Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash
- Secret Outlast Xtend Deodorant in Completely Clean
- Palmolive Fusion Clean with Baking Soda and Lime
- Plackers Flossers in Fruit Smoothie Swirl
- A Cute Card ( no review, but it was cute)

As you can see, this was a huge box! It had plenty of things to review and I like to take my time actually trying them out.... living with them before I give any reviews.  So... here goes!

Goody Hair Elastics

These were great. Kat has thick and curly hair, and these held a good grip on it.  I have thick hair, and it gave me tight ponytails.  The little spikes are weird, and I'm guessing they were part of the 'hold' process, but once you wrap the elastic around the hair, it's hard getting the spikes to actually be on the hair.  I didn't have any smooth hair to test this out on! As far as the color scheme goes, these were ok for Kay.  There was a lot of pink, so choose colors that you wear often.  If they have black, I would use that for myself.

I did NOT use the Goody coupon.... I lost that almost immediately.  It's a Super Mom Vox Box.... Toddlers like pieces of paper....

Daisy Brand Squeeze Sour Cream

Ever make the perfect taco or nachos and have a dreading feeling when it comes to adding the sour cream? Yeah, me too! How can you make your food look pretty when you have to fling sour cream on it with a spoon and then try to spread it around evenly.  Spreading sour cream on nachos is an Olympic game of its own.

Enter squeeze sour cream.  This is everything you could have ever dreamed of.  No more stirring up watery sour cream before you plop it in the center of your meal.  You just squeeze the delicious flavor of Daisy Sour Cream everywhere you want it to go.  No one should have this much power, but Daisy has given it to us.  Sour cream will now (evenly) be everywhere!  This will be the only sour cream I purchase from now on.  It's sturdy, there's plenty in the bag, and it just makes sense.  For all those fellow lid losers, the has a flip cap you CANNOT lose!

Pilot Pens

These are pens.  I have no idea what people look for in pens.  It feels normal.  It looks pretty and fancy.  What I did notice about these pens is that they didn't smudge.  As a left hander, that is very important to me and the side of my left hand.  If I were to drop actual money on pens instead of 'accidentally' stealing them from waiters, coworkers, etc, I would go for the colors.  I wish they gave me blue, but the pink is so beautiful.  It writes so smoothly! Yes, I am talking about pens.

Suave Kids Products

The best review I have for these is that they are so easy! This genius not 1, not 2, but 3-N-1? Amazing!  Kat hates having her hair messed with, especially washed.  On days where I don't have to do her full hair routine and just need to rinse things out, this works in a pinch. I can wash her up while lathering her hair, and before she can scream "ALL DONE!!!!" I really am all done.  Now, of course, I don't replace her shampoo, condition, deep condition for an hour, rinse with cool water routine with this.  Her hair needs better care than that. But this works on those in-between days in a pinch.  I just said 'in a pinch.' That's how you know it's serious.

The leave in conditioner is great.  Again, this won't replace her moisturize and seal routine, but it's great when I have to quickly do her hair.  It helps to detangle and it defines curls, making her hair look and feel healthy.

I would use both of these more often if they work on their ingredients.  I need more convincing that something that contains 'parfum' is better for her hair than straight coconut oil.

Secret Ou-

No,  this is going last.

Palmolive Fusion

At first I had nothing but rave reviews for this.  I loved the scent, I loved how it cleaned my dirtiest dishes (after a soak), I loved how many bubbles were in my sink.  I thought it was pretty good.  Then I had to tackle a sink of extremely greasy dishes... I realized this dish soap was just good, not great.

This works in a pinch (there it is again) to wash your basic dishes.  Even ones covered in food.  Pair it with hot water and it's like magic.  Just... it's not a replacement for Dawn.  With this, I felt myself having to add more soap or make a fresh sink of water after two rounds of dishes and that's usually just silverware and cups.  I would have to change it after almost every pot.

I would get this for dishes that aren't too soiled or oily, but reach for something else to tackle worse ones.

Plackers Flossers

Kat enjoyed using these.  She figured out how to slide them between her teeth, then she started chewing on them.  They did hold up, but nothing made them different from other flossers.  The colors probably helped her become more interested, but I think any small object with a little string will convince Kat to put it in her mouth.  The do slide between the teeth well.  Kat immediately used and lost all three of these the first few minutes.

Although these were good, it didn't convince me to buy this over cheaper flossers or even regular floss.

Last and least,

Secret Deodorant

Oh Secret Deodorant.  I did not have high hopes for you.  There is a reason I do not use Secret.  It had all these fancy words, so I thought maybe it will be better.  I was wrong.  I also forced me to use it for a little over a week, just to get the full effect.

I immediately did not like the smell.  Completely Clean should give you something clean-smelling, not sickly floral sweet.  Rubbing it on my underarms felt okay, but it wasn't very smooth.

It's June.  It's hot.  I wore this during treacherous temperatures and doing sweaty activity.  It did not hold up.  It left my underarms a little damp, and a weird sweet smell that mixed with salty sweat.  I hated it.  It made me scared that my coworkers would smell me.  I couldn't imagine going 48 hours without reapplying or covering it with something else.  I am not usually a sweaty person, but even on the lightest of days, the scent was not that great.  Maybe I was just paranoid.

It just wasn't for me.  Now, having the little trial size in my purse to apply right before going into my air-conditioned job is okay.  It still smells like weird flowers, but that I could do.  I just can't trust Secret to get me through a grueling day.

BONUS: My boyfriend tried it.  It was hilarious.  He regretted it.

Overall this was such a great box.  I really appreciated these amazing brands and Influenster for letting me try these out.  You guys know me, all these opinions are my own.  I encourage you to try these out for yourself and see if I'm right about any of this.

Oh, I almost forgot the thingy:

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake

This year, I want to try new and complicated recipes. Ones that take a lot of effort and love to make, and come out absolutely delicious and perfect. So perfect that you'll want to make it again and again.... But maybe not because it was complicated. 

My first this year... Well technically I made it for my job's End of the Year potluck, but I did make it again this year... My first has been the Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake. 

Scrumptious strawberry cake sandwiching a perfect and creamy cheesecake with a golden Oreo crust. All pressed together with a cream cheese Cool Whip frosting smushed with strawberry and vanilla shortcake crumbles. It takes me the course of two days to complete his, but it is definitely worth it. 

To make this lovely thing:

  • Make your favorite strawberry cake recipe.
  • Make your favorite cheesecake recipe. Instead of using graham crackers for the cheesecake crust, use finely crushed golden Oreos, cream and all. 
  • Make sure everything is either 9 inch or 10 inch so they stack correctly. Place one layer of strawberry cake down. Place the cheesecake on top, then place the second strawberry cake layer on top of the cheesecake.
  • Slather with a frosting made of Cool Whip, cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract. You want this frosting to be light in comparison, so use more Cool Whip than cream cheese. 
  • Finally, mix 1/2 cup flour, the small packet of strawberry Jell-O, and 4 tbsp of soft butter until crumbly. Then do the same with a small packet of vanilla pudding. Lay on a baking sheet separate. Bake about 5 minutes, stir together, then bake until there's a good crunch - but not too brown.  Cool these and press against the cake.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Covergirl Intensify Me Liquid Liner and Super Sizer Mascara Review

I love reviewing things! Especially when I receive products from some of my favorite brands. Today I am going to give my review of Covergirl's new mascara and liquid liner. But first, the usual:

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Out the way, disclosure!

So, onto the makeup....
First, the liner. Ever tried to use liquid liner? Ever consequentially ended up with the entire white of your eye turned black? I could never get that thing down pat because I um, like my liner on my water lines. Ok so I guess you're suppose to technically do them above your lashes or something, but liner looks great on my waterlines! Anyway, this liner sort of helps you out if you've been having any sort of application problems with your liquid liner. It's like a blend between a pencil and that stupid brush thing, so it keeps your lines steadier. 

You can use it on its flat side tomale broad strokes, or on the skinny too for smaller lines. Overall, I like it. I still have a hard time drawing, but it is getting better. I love that it is very intense and dramatic- you don't need anything else other than mascara to make your look. I tend to go from good girl to evil with intense eye makeup. 

Some not-so-good things is that this stuff does come off- you might have to reapply. Don't get emotional or cut onions with it. Don't get it too close to your eye and don't apply it during allergy season. The stuff will get in your eye, and you will get gray stuff coming out. 

Next is the mascara. It was just okay. Actually, it won't replace my other mascara, but it doesn't do a bad job. You have to twirl it while you apply, and it does give you cool lashes, but no matter what, they will clump together. I don't really like that in mascara. It dries quickly to turn your lashes into one crusty blob. It enhances the liquid liner though, so maybe give it a try to see how it works for you. 

Overall, I will continue to use these products, but together with my other ones. I will use the liquid liner on top, and my regular one to get my waterlines. I will use my regular mascara to separate lashes and this one to add drama. All thanks to Influenster and Covergirl!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

REVEAL Men Calvin Klein Review

As many people know, I have a certain sensitivity to fragrances, therefore I don't allow my boyfriend to really wear much. There are few that I find alluring and sexy smelling anyway, so why clog my sinuses?

Enter REVEAL Men by Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein REVEAL men Eau de Toilette, 3.4 oz - A Macy's Exclusive
Calvin Klein REVEAL Men photo from macys.com

First and foremost, I'm going to say the usual,

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

Now to the review.

Calvin Klein describes this fragrance as magnetic and woodsy. Those terms are usually what I find most powerful in a men's cologne if I enjoy it. However, REVEAL is something else.

I absolutely love it! It is very sweet smelling, however, yet not in a floral way.  Maybe a fruit and herb combo? I was just enough 'woodsy' to be masculine, yet I found myself dabbing it on for myself.

My boyfriend loved it as well, although he was concerned about how sweet it smelled, wondering if it would be too feminine. My response is that it works for me, so that should be all that matters! ;)

You can buy this fragrance at Macy's for $62 for a small bottle or $80 for a larger one.

On another note, the sample came with a gorgeous wallet! Thank you Calvin Klein and Influenster for introducing me to one of my favorite fragrances yet!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lansinoh Vox Box

Today I'm going to review a very special vox box! I was selected by Influenster to review the Lansinoh Momma Bottle with the Natural Wave Nipple. And thus I must start with the usual disclaimer:


I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

I'm also going to say that I have already tried this bottle out because I bought the manual Lansinoh breast pump. It was great that I tried it for a second time because after the first, I was ready to give it up.


First, I'm going to talk about appearance. The bottle is very cute with purple trim. It's a short, fat bottle with a soft, elongated, and flexible nipple. It's quite ergonomic as your hand will fit perfectly in the side curves as you feed your baby. There are four easy-to-clean parts: the bottle, the nipple, the screw on part that fits the nipple, and the cap to cover the top. A bonus is that it is BPA Free!


Next is how my baby took to the bottle. The first go round, she did not enjoy the extra soft nipple at all. She was having latching problems too, however, and since this bottle is supposed be breastlike, I now correlate the two. Once I got this bottle for free, I had her try it again. It worked pretty well as she finally figured out how to drink from it. She doesn't spit the nipple out every ounce or so like other bottles. Another trick I've learned is if she is having trouble latching, I'll let her drink from this bottle for a little and try again. It usually works and I'm grateful for it.


Lastly, I'm going to break down the claims. It says it encourages natural oral development. I'm really hoping this is true, but I do notice she sucks differently with this nipple so it might be. This goes with the claim of the baby using feeding actions learned at the breast. She does drink from it pretty much the exact same. The only problem is she can't relax on it because I have to adjust it every now and then since it sounds like extra air is getting into her tummy. It's slow flow so I think maybe she needs a faster flow so she won't suck as hard. Next it says fewer parts and easy to clean. It is very easy to clean, but has the same amount of parts as every other bottle she has. The air ventilation system that's supposed to reduce gas doesn't work for her. She seems to have more gas. In fact, I just fed her and she released all that gas on me.


Overall, I would say give this bottle a try. If you have to pump or supplement while breastfeeding, this bottle is great for not giving your child too much nipple confusion. I already have two, and if they have nipples with faster flows, I will get more for my daughter.


In conclusion, there were also a few other Lansinoh products in the box including lanolin, breast pads, and breast milk storage bags. The lanolin is good for protecting against dry and cracked nipples. I do love Lansinoh breast pads the most. The actually curve with your breast rather than just stick on there like other pads. It also has two sticky points so that it holds better in your bra. I haven't used the storage bags yet, but they look perfect for storing extra milk.


Lansinoh products are worth giving a try. They are a good quality, and are tailored to your breastfeeding baby's needs!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What's In My Hospital and Diaper Bag?

I am pretty much ready to go into labor as far as having a hospital bag goes :D. I would like a couple more things, but they are completely optional. I also still need to sanitize the babas and pacis I packed, but that'll come. 
Anyway, in this household, the hospital bag and diaper bag(s) are one in the same. Plus the bag with our own clothing in them and space to take goodies home. The first bag is Daddy's diaper bag which is actually really cool! 

It's a sweet backpack with labeled compartments such as where to put wipes and bottles and stuff. Anyway, here is what I packed in it:

1. Weird formula bottle things. 
I don't actually plan on feeding KatJ formula, but I brought some just in case. Things don't always go to plan but hey, I got these for free!

2. Bottles and pacifiers
I am probably going to test out different bottles for her. I am exclusively pumping, so I'm definitely going to go out and get more when she's born. The paci is an orthodontic one I got for free. The Avent bottle was free too!

3. Her stroller book
Ok, she's not gonna need this at the hospital, by don't forget that it's a diaper bag. I packed for both the hospital and beyond. It's a high contrast book supposedly good for the visual and cognitive development for the baby.

4. Baby wipes

The diaper bag came with this sweet wipes case!

5. Newborn diapers 
These are so freaking cute! My baby might be an O' Chunks and too big for these but you never know. My side of the family does have the big booty gene. 

6. Boob pads!

I haven't started leaking yet, but I've heard horror stories about wet tshirts and uncontrollable boobs. I picked up a pack of ultra absorbent Nuk nursing pads to avoid this! 

7. Changing pad

The diaper bag came with this. 

8. Old flip flops
Just in case. I'll probably walk around in those awesome hospital socks, but maybe I'll shower in these or something. 

9. Milk storage bags
Ok these were free and I know I need more. I'm just not sure where I'm gonna be able to store it in the hospital!

10. Playing cards
This is to pass the time. Nothing is more fun than playing competitively against my best friend/significant other. He is a sore ass loser though. 

11. Stash of free samples
Maybe my baby will take to Weleda or Boudreaux's Butt Paste moreso than Desitin. The boogie wipes I have to try!

12. Toiletries for baby
Probably won't need these at the hospital, but again, this is a diaper bag. I'm also thinking of switching to more natural/sensitive skin toiletries because my own skin is crazy.

13. Toiletries for us
Yes, I'm bringing a first aid kit to a hospital. 

14. More free formula
I bet this stuff tastes nasty. 

15. This water teether for later months.

16. Baby grooming essentials
I added the washcloths, but the rest came in this pretty floral accessory bag. 

17. Cute baby outfits for photos. 
Teehee! The lace puppy onsie will have a black tutu made by her ti-ti/godmommy Quasha and some warm tights, and the Jordan onsie I added so that her ti-ti/cousin Mel can be happy since she got it. I'll have to get some nice pants for it though. I packed socks/booties for all these. 

18. Mittens
To keep her little paws from scratching. And maybe for warmth, but they are kind of thin. 

19. Blankies and burp cloths. 

A swaddler blanket, a receiving blanket, and themed burp cloths.

So next up is MY diaper bag:

In it, I added some similar things such as:




4. Focal Point and Starbucks Card










Think I packed enough??

UPDATE: Since this post is late as hell and my daughter has arrived, I might as well tell you what I actually used! I used all of her outfits, our toiletries, and one of her blankets. That's it. LOL! I didn't even read the damn magazine.